Generating more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined, Pinterest is stepping up their game once again! Their new Place Pins feature attaches an interactive map to coincide with each pin’s true geographical location. Users can also link external websites to the ‘Learn More’ button to provide pinners further information about each pin. Pinners are using Place Pins to either map out future vacations or document past vacation spots to share with their Pinterest community.

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We’re all tired of dishing out the cash for a million impressions on a video ad and ending up with a CTR (click-through-rate) that makes us want to cry. Well, good news! There is no longer a much-dreaded requirement to pay for our ads to briefly appear. Introducing YouTube’s TrueView video ads. You now only pay for people who choose to view and engage with your video ad. You only pay for direct engagement.   

We’ve seen brands make this mistake too many times. They forget to link their Instagram accounts to their Facebook or Twitter business pages. Instead, their photo-filtered masterpieces appear on their personal social media profiles. Luckily the user can simply erase the pictures from their profile page. (No harm. No foul.) However, here’s how to stop this slightly embarrassing occurrence from happening to you. 

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Over 400 million tweets are sent out every day across the ever-growing Twitter sphere. So what can you do to stand out from the digital noise? Similar to Facebook’s sponsored posts, Twitter Ads allow advertisers to pay for their latest tweets to be seen by specific demographic and geographic target markets. The best part about promoting your tweets is that you only pay when users engage with your message. The following tips will help you optimize your Twitter campaigns and become a Twitter advertising expert.  

Statigram is a great optimization tool, which automatically generates reports based on your overall engagement, photos, and reach throughout the continuously growing Instagram community. Businesses of any size can benefit tremendously from utilizing this analytics tool because it provides real-time quality insight. 

There was once a time (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) when website developers desperately yearned for an easier way to track their sites’ traffic to answer the five infamous W’s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why?). Then along came Google Analytics, a free service created to generate a multitude of statistics on websites’ traffic, traffic sources, and conversions. Web developers and programmers from all over the world gathered and celebrated the birth of this incredible analytic generator. (Just kidding, but they totally should have). Anyways, whether your business marketing objective is to identify the type of traffic your site attracts and the avenues they took to land on your site, or how many conversions (i.e. purchase orders or registrations) it all can be achieved with Google Analytics. 

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Today, more than one million channels are generating revenue via YouTube. Each month, more than one billion unique users view over four billion hours of video on YouTube. If you include video marketing as part of your marketing initiatives, optimizing your YouTube page can benefit your business tremendously. Subscribers will be able to access your channel more easily and you will have more control over what is visible to your viewers. Here are ways you can become more discoverable to your current and prospective subscribers.

Facebook is a great platform for businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers on a more personal level. The booming social media site gives you the opportunity to create a persona for your business. Your persona should be unique. It should successfully portray your business’s attitudes and ideologies. Write as if you’re having a casual conversation. Your language should not be too formal; otherwise you could possibly miss opportunities to engage in passionate and dynamic online conversations with current and prospective customers.



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