Five Tools for Creating A Successful Facebook Page for Your Business

1: Create A Personality for Your Business

Facebook is a great platform for businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers on a more personal level. The booming social media site gives you the opportunity to create a persona for your business. Your persona should be unique. It should successfully portray your business’s attitudes and ideologies. Write as if you’re having a casual conversation. Your language should not be too formal; otherwise you could possibly miss opportunities to engage in passionate and dynamic online conversations with current and prospective customers. Here are some personality traits your business could express:

-Optomist but realist- Fans are looking for the good with the bad.

-Balance between a Homer and a Hater.


-An extrovert.





2: Create Engaging Content

Well-crafted Facebook posts can provide real-time research. You don’t need a paragraph of copy for one post. Keep it short, exciting, interesting, or newsworthy. Highlight the information you are trying to share with your fans in a sentence or two. Then share a link that directs them to a page where they can read more on the content you’re sharing with them. People choose to follow your business because he/she is either an advocate or is interested in learning more about what you do and who you are. Your followers expect to get the “all-access backstage” experience, which they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else except your Facebook page. Your goal should be to provide content that only people within your company would have access to otherwise. Create incentives for your fans and keep the content fresh and relevant. Some examples of engaging content are:


-Behind the scenes look




3: Engage Constantly

Brands use social media to stay relevant in their consumers’ lives. The only way you will stay relevant is if you actively engage with your fans. Fans expect you to respond to comments, private messages, etc. When your audience engages with your page, they expect you to listen and recognize their actions. Don’t be an automated news machine. Show your established personality and show you’re human beings who share the same love for your brand, as your fans do.

It is very important that you routinely address comments and questions in a timely manner  (within a twelve-hour window). Examples of content that should always be addressed:

-Private messages

- Comments or tweets regarding a game’s status

- Comments or tweets regarding players’ or coaches’ statuses/injuries

- General questions

- Useful feedback

- General concerns


4: Measure your Marketing Efforts

As a business, you place tremendous value on measurement of your marketing efforts. You recognize the importance of engaging consumers in social communities and want to turn your fans into real-life customers. Measuring the impact of your social media initiatives will help you better understand the total impact of our programs’ strategic goals. Measurable objectives can be determined by the following:

• Whom are we seeking to affect?

• What about them are we seeking to affect?

• How much must they be affected to be successful?

• By when does this effect need to occur?


5: Thank Your Audience

Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded from time to time. Don’t forget to thank your fans for their continued support and devotion to your brand. Your audience will hopefully thank you in return. Reciprocity is key.   




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