5 Tips For Becoming A Twitter Advertising Whiz

Over 400 million tweets are sent out every day across the ever-growing Twitter sphere. So what can you do to stand out from the digital noise? Similar to Facebook’s sponsored posts, Twitter Ads allow advertisers to pay for their latest tweets to be seen by specific demographic and geographic target markets. The best part about promoting your tweets is that you only pay when users engage with your message. The following tips will help you optimize your Twitter campaigns and become a Twitter advertising expert.  

1) Include at least 15-20 @handles: Targeting accounts similar to yours allows you to extend your message to users who likely share the same interests as your current followers. Therefore, the @handle feature is a great tool for providing you a breadth of prospects, as well as identifying the appropriate users to blast out your message to. For example, you just opened a new restaurant in town. Adding local restaurants’ @handles allows Twitter to easily indicate your competitors’ customers (and possibly new customers for your restaurant). Advertising messages are displayed on every follower’s timeline for each account added. Additional types of accounts to include in the @handles section are restaurants specializing in serving the same type of food as you.

2) Add no more than 4 interest categories: Targeting to specific interests further pushes your message out to users who may not follow your selected @handles. Including interests similar to your current followers increases the likelihood of users possessing such interests becoming future customers. However, we suggest only including no more than four interest categories. If you choose too many categories, your target audience could become too broad and your message could reach the wrong users. Not sure what interests to include? Utilize Twitter’s browse categories feature. This simple tool gives you the ability to handpick interests you feel your prospects possess. For example, if you owned an Italian restaurant you would probably want to reach people who are interested in Italian cuisine, wine, foodie news and general food info.

3) Choose locations to promote your message: Location is key. Advertising to specific geographical areas allows your message to appear only to users who live close to your business. Unless you’re a national company, you wouldn’t want to waste your advertising dollars exposing messages to users who live nowhere near your business.

4) Always promote at least 4-5 tweets: Promoting more than one tweet allows you to advertise your message written in a variety of ways. Furthermore, Twitter will maximize your most engaging posts by showing them more often.

5) Pay attention to the little blue box: While creating your campaign, you will notice a light blue box on the right hand side of your dashboard. This box acts as your campaign summary. It will show the scheduled duration of your ad, as well as and the breakdown of your budgeting plan. Furthermore, the box compares your estimated reach (based on your maximum bid per engagement) to your possible target audience available on Twitter. Keep in mind that the more you increase your bid per engagement, the closer you will reach your possible target audience. 

As a business you want to make sure your messages are shown to the right audience. Following these five tips will help you maximize your reach and blast your message out to the right users at an affordable cost to you.






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