All The Reasons Why You Should Use Google Adwords for Video

We’re all tired of dishing out the cash for a million impressions on a video ad and ending up with a CTR (click-through-rate) that makes us want to cry. Well, good news! There is no longer a much-dreaded requirement to pay for our ads to briefly appear. Introducing YouTube’s TrueView video ads. You now only pay for people who choose to view and engage with your video ad. You only pay for direct engagement.  

TrueView provides you with four types of ad formats to choose from TrueView In-Search Ads, TueView In-Display Ads, TureView in In-Slate Ads, and TrueView Instream Ads . Depending on which format you choose, your ads will appear when users search for ads, browse content on YouTube, or while watching videos. Additionally, Google Adwords for Video provides you with real-time in-depth analytics to easily monitor your ad’s performance.


The four types of ad formats are as followed;

TrueView In-Search Ad-Thumbnail of your video that is displayed in the user’s search results. The ad could be generated by the user typing in keywords related to your ad or searching for videos similar to yours. You’re charged only when viewers click to watch your video.

TrueView In-Display Ad-Thumbnail of your ad is located on the top right of user’s screen when they’re watching another video. You’re charged only when viewers click to watch your video

TrueView In-Slate- These are the ads that are shown before videos lasting ten minutes or longer. Viewers can watch one of three advertisements, or can opt to view regular commercial breaks throughout the video. You’re charged only when the viewers choose to watch your video.

TrueView Instream- This type of ad is the most displayed ad. The ad streams at most 15 seconds, which is shown before or after another video plays. Viewers have the option to skip the pre-roll ad after five seconds. However, you are charged for ads that are watched until the end or have been watched for thirty seconds. In our opinion, this type of ad has been found to have the most effect.


TrueView ads let you to reach whomever your little heart desires on YouTube and on thousands of other partner sites of Google’s Display Network. Whether users are on their smartphones, tablets, or desktops, your ad will be shown. Grow your business with TrueView video ads.

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