How To Optimize Your YouTube Page

Today, more than one million channels are generating revenue via YouTube. Each month, more than one billion unique users view over four billion hours of video on YouTube. If you include video marketing as part of your marketing initiatives, optimizing your YouTube page can benefit your business tremendously. Subscribers will be able to access your channel more easily and you will have more control over what is visible to your viewers. Here are ways you can become more discoverable to your current and prospective subscribers.


Tag Videos and Playlists

Organize your videos and playlists with YouTube’s new tagging feature. Tags will help drive traffic to your video and channel. Select a video you’ve uploaded and then use an existing tag or create a custom one under the Video Manager section. You will also able to browse your past tags to the left under the Tags category. 


Customize Video Thumbnails

Create high definition snap shots and an enticing summary below each video that will reel in viewers. Make sure that your thumbnail is relevant to your video and accurately displays what your video is about. Click the Video Manager tab, choose a video you have uploaded and click edit. Next, click Custom Thumbnail and upload a thumbnail of your choice from your desktop or server. Keep in mind that your thumbnail image will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player. YouTube recommends using a resolution of 1280x720 (with a minimum of 640 pixels), and it should remain under a 2MB limit. On the other hand, if you choose to not upload a customizable thumbnail, you can easily choose one that YouTube has automatically generated for you.


Personalize Your Channel Using Channel Art 

Customize the look of your channel by adding channel art. Channel art is the big photo which pans across your channel. Your channel art will be seen on all platforms where viewers can see your channel whether viewers are watching via their desktop, TV, mobile devices, and tablets. Drag your mouse to the top right corner of the Channel art and click the edit icon and select Edit channel art. Next, upload an image for your Channel art or choose one from your uploaded photos or from YouTube’s photo gallery. When you select an image, you will then be able to view how it will appear across all devices. Make sure it’s visually appealing and accurately represents your business. Take advantage of this image and use it to display your brand’s personality as well.


Add Channel Annotations

Be sure to include annotations on your video to drive traffic to more of your videos, increase engagement, and gain subscribers. When you’re editing a video, you will see a few different icons below the video you have chosen. The speech bubble icon represents the Annotations feature. There are a few ways you can utilize this nifty feature. You can make your video more engaging by having areas of your video clickable and interactive. You can link other content (videos, playlists, channels) to further promote your channel. Annotations can also act as a subscribe button within your streaming videos.


Produce An Exciting Trailer

Drive Viewership to a specific video using InVideo Programming (under Channel Settings) across all your videos. Feature your channel or a selected video across all of your videos. Highlight the specific video at the top  of your channel's homepage by edit your Channel Trailer found under the (house) icon. Screen_Shot_2013-06-04_at_9.57.20_AM.png



Maintain Presence In Your Channel Feed

Your main line of communication with your subscribers is your Channel feed. Feed broadcasts channel activity to your current subscribers. Adjust your settings under “sharing” to maintain visibility on your subscribers’ feeds but be sure not to overwhelm them. Engage with other channels’ videos and share them with your subscribers if you feel the other channels will reciprocate. Be sure to constantly interact with content presented in your feed to gain subscribers of other’s channels.


YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics provides insight and generates data based on your channel. Look at how long people viewed your video (retention rate), traffic, demographic of your viewers, geographic and more. To view the various data click Analytics under Dashboard tab.


So there you have it. Just a few optimization tips we have found successful in increasing viewership, subscribers, and presence on the YouTube platform. You can also use your Channel set up Check-List. (Which can be found on the right side of your channel’s homepage). This checklist guide you step-by-step setting up your channel furthermore, helping you explore the various available channel features. If you have any questions regarding the mentioned YouTube features or other features, feel free to leave a comment and we'd be happy to answer :).


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